Newscut Name 姓名: Mason Lee Yung Er 李滽和
Age 年龄: 4
Condition 病情: Krabbe氏症(球細胞腦白質失養症)

Article: Nanyang Siang Pau
Article: China Press
Article: NTV7
Article: 8TV

Updates 22/10/2018

As of today, we collected RM 700k. We are getting closer to the target (RM2.2mil.) everyday. Please help to share this post and encourage more donation so that we will be able to send Mason for boon marrow transplant soonest!

Updates 13/10/2018

Mason Lee Yung Er who is almost 4 years old was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called Krabbe disease (also known as globoid cell leukodystrophy), and he urgently requires RM2.2 million to undergo a bone marrow transplant procedure in the USA.

When little Mason was born with his twin brother, Carson Lee Jun Yue, his growth seemed as normal as the other children, although he was a slower learner than his brother. After he turned 1, he started to show symptoms that alarmed his parents.

Newscut Name 姓名: Wong Weng Keong 黄荣强
Age 年龄: 50
Condition 病情: 车祸导致双脚断,坐轮椅

Update 12/09/2018

Fifty-year-old Wong Weng Keong had a car accident that injured his left leg and he lost his working ability.

The car accident that occurred 26 years ago broke his right leg and led to memory loss and long-term insomnia. His leg recovered after physiotherapy for one year.

Unfortunately, he had a traffic accident again on 03/04/2018, his left leg was broken and he lost his working ability.

Newscut Name 姓名: Leong Fong Peng 梁沣频
Age 年龄: 54
Condition 病情: Liver failure, liver transplant needed. 肝硬化,急需肝脏移植

Updates 10/9/2018

Mdm. Leong Fong Peng started fever since yesterday. Her bilirubin level increased . After the CT scan and Ultrasound, the medical team found gallstone at her hepatobiliary. It has to be removed to avoid obstruction. May Mdm. Leong has a speedy recovery. Good news is Jerome Chin (Mdm. Leong’s liver donor) has been discharged today! Pray for his quick recovery too!

梁老师从昨天开始发烧。她的胆红素偏高。在CT扫描和超声检查后,医疗团队在她的肝胆上发现了胆结石,必须将其移除以避免阻塞。 旦愿梁老师早日痊愈 ! 好消息是泽融今天出院了!为他的快速康复祷告!

Updates 10/9/2018

Jerome Chin had been transferred from HDU to the general ward yesterday. Last night he went to visit Mdm. Leong Fong Peng for the 1st time in ICU after the liver transplant surgery. In fact, Mdm. Leong had been having sleepless nights after the operation because she was worried about the health condition of Jerome. After meeting Jerome personally and confirmed that he is recovering well, she was finally able to have a good and quality sleep last night. Today is also the birthday of Jerome. His family and Krystal specially prepared a birthday cake for him, and celebrated this special and meaningful birthday! Presumably the scene must be very warm. Hope that Teacher Leong and Ze Rong will recover soon.

Newscut Name 姓名: Nurul Jalwa Binti Nor Fazizal
Age 年龄: 5 months old / 5个月
Condition 病情: Biliary atresia 胆道闭锁

Article: Nanyang Siang Pau

Updates 28/9/2018

Hailing from Malacca, is a young girl named Nurul Jalwa, who was diagnosed with biliary atresia two months after birth. This is a type of congenital disorder that impedes the flow of bile from the liver to the intestines. The blockage, over time, causes liver cirrhosis. She started receiving treatment from Malacca General Hospital but because her condition started to worsen, she was transferred to Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

When Nurul Jalwa was 69 days old, she underwent a surgery called a Kasai Procedure, to relieve the blockage and allow bile to flow. However, her condition did not improve after the procedure. Her abdomen began to swell up as her liver function began to deteriorate. Later, she underwent a second surgery to separate the intestine that was attached to the liver, but this second procedure did not help alleviate her condition either. After multiple failed attempts for a cure, her only chance for a cure now is by doing a liver transplant. Subsequently, she was transferred from HKL to University Malaya Medical Centre.

After a detailed investigation, doctors conclude that Nurul’s mother is a strong candidate for liver donation. According to Mr Mudzaffaar, President of Biliary Atresia Malaysia Association (BAMA), UMMC lacks the necessary expertise and infrastructure for this procedure, so doctors are advising her to go to Max Super Specialty Hospital in India to perform the liver transplant. The main reason behind choosing this hospital for this procedure is because doctors there are extremely experienced in performing this procedure. Additionally, her budgeted medical bills is only around 40,000 USD (approximately RM166,000). The whole treatment includes a 3-month stay in the hospital. If this were to be done in a different country, hospital bills will surely skyrocket! After doing the surgery there, Nurul will be allowed to follow-up at UMMC.

Newscut Name 姓名: Muhammad Haryk Muzeer Bin Zulkarnain 莫哈末哈益慕兹尔
Age 年龄: 2
Condition 病情: 阿拉吉欧症候群 Alagille’s Syndrome

Updates 24/8/2018

Muzeer将在今天(24/08/2018)进行肝移植手术,她的母亲是肝脏捐赠者,祈求手术一切顺利,早日康复。 Muzeer will have his liver transplantation surgery today (24/08/2018)His mother will be the liver donor. Together, we pray for a smooth transplant and for both of them.

Updates 10/8/2018


不幸患上阿拉吉欧症候群的2岁小童Muzeer需 RM160,000到印度进行肝脏移植手术。但目前只筹到RM 31,632。由于状况紧急,南洋报业基金已呈交保证信于Max Super Speciality Hospital让Muzeer先进行初步检查。

Newscut Name 姓名: Ee Soon Wei 余孙伟
Age 年龄: 30
Condition 病情: 胆道闭锁,急需肝脏移植手术

Article: Nanyang Siang Pau
Article: China Press



Updates 30/10/2018

A letter from Ee Pei Jun (Ee Soon Wei’s sister)
欲阅中文请滑下 :
Countdown to liver transplant surgery: 10 days

Newscut Name 姓名: Wong Ai Ching 黄爱君
Age 年龄: 31
Condition 病情: 抗体免疫缺陷

Article: Nanyang Siang Pau

黄爱君3年前开始逐渐消瘦,之后证实患上抗体免疫缺陷(LOCID) ,难以吸收营养以导致体重下降,并引发肝脏发炎,继续70万令吉赴新加坡医治。

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Newscut Name 姓名: Lau Way Chong 刘伟忠
Age 年龄: 48
Condition 病情: 淋巴癌

Article: Nanyang Siang Pau


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Newscut Name 姓名: Tan Jia Xuan 陳家铨
Age 年龄: 8

陳家铨 (Tan Jia Xuan) 8岁,就读蕉賴十一哩华文小学

Alex Lee: 2岁时已经患上血癌在HUKM国大治疗到痊愈,很不幸八岁就是在上个月孩子被检验出癌细胞到回来还是很活跃,国大医生告诉妈妈其实他们无法医治孩子了,过后其中一位医生建议他们把孩子送入SJMC找林海平教授。这忽然来到的消息,让他的父母措手不及,根本没有时间变卖财产还有向亲戚朋友借到那么多钱,因为只是第二次癌细胞回来很危险,也需要很多钱医治,昨天医生告诉我估计的费用大概是600k到900k





Name 姓名: Loh Won Fue 胡汶辉
Age 年龄: 45
Condition 病情: 患有心脏病、高血压、糖尿病、以及呼吸困难

Article: Nanyang Siang Pau

Updates 3/4/2018




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