Newscut Name 姓名: Chong Yoon Kiew 庄润球
Age 年龄: 51
Condition 病情: Computer clerk suffers from lung cancer in the third phase. A family of five loses their breadwinner. 电脑文员患肺癌第三期 一家五口失去经济支柱

Article: Nanyang Siang Pau
Article: NTV7
Article: 8TV

Updates 29/4/2019

A 51-year-old computer clerk in Selangor was the economic pillar of his family of five. He was recently diagnosed with the third stage of lung cancer and was forced to stop working. If he does not take chemotherapy, his life span would be only 18 months. On top of that, his youngest son is also suffering from blood cancer, making their family’s life worse. In order to survive, the father wishes to raise RM300,000 medical aid from the public, hoping to tide over the difficulties and avoid the burden of providing for family falling on the 20-year-old son who had dropped out of school to work.


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