16 Navigators 【16导航】

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100 场妈爹蓝带盛颂百年慈善晚宴 | 南洋报业基金【16导航温馨探访】

The 16 NavigatorsThe basic needs of poor families and medical aid is currently most in need of help. This is also proven by the fact that many generous readers are willing to share their resources with the less fortunate. However, it is undeniable that moral support is also very important. This is one of the necessary elements to help the less fortunate lead a better life. Otherwise, without the timely assistance received from the public, the less fortunate might have already chosen to end their lives due to depression or other mental disorders. In addition, scientists have proven that maintaining a positive state of mind also helps in the rehabilitation of an important medical condition.

In 2012, with the support of ASTRO, Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press, Yayasan Nanyang Press is embarking on a series of fundraising activities in line with the virtues that make up the 【16 Navigators】. With cooperation from Pernod Ricard Malaysia, the Foundation is organising 100 fundraising dinners (100 Martell Charity Dinners) to raise funds for our medical aid patients. The target is to achieve a total collection of RM 1 million. This target was achieved after organising the 25th fundraising dinner. Each of the 16 virtues of the 【16 Navigators】(humility, patience, contentment, delight, kindness, honesty, generosity, thoughtful speech, respect, forgiveness, gratitude, loyalty, aspiration, principles, service, courage) is being used as themes for the individual dinners.

To enable the Foundation to perform its functions fully and help the less fortunate efficiently, the 【16 Navigators Visit With Compassion】 was set up on 27th March 2012 to visit medical patients around West Malaysia monthly. On the last Sunday of every month, the Foundation will visit poor families to spread the spirit of giving and sharing. 【5心车队】 of China Press, 【本地圈】 of Astro and 【牛头牌特工队】of Buffalo had expressed great interest in participating in this project as partners. Besides helping the selected needy to repair and clean their houses, the Foundation also organises morality workshops for the villagers, provides food to the needy and offers free counselling by qualified counselors to the public. This project received great support from the public and companies such as Jusper, Julie’s, Super, and Baobei Reading Wanderland. Now we have more than 150 volunteers participate in every visitation. We are proud to announce that more than 40 teenagers from orphanages had registered as volunteers of 【16 Navigators】.

Articles and comics of the stories that are related to the 16 virtues have been published on Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press every Sunday since March 2012. Pelajar Bulanan also published the same articles and comics in its monthly magazines.

To create further awareness and encourage the younger generation to participate in more charitable activities, the Foundation invited 16 celebrities to be the ambassadors of the 16 virtues. Programmes for teenagers are targeted at the disadvantaged and wayward youths, focussing on team building, self-reliant and experiential learning facilitated by experienced trainers. It is hoped that through activities like story-telling, self-expression and reflection, the youths will discover the different values in life.

Since August 2012, several channels in ASTRO have been screening the short clips of the 16 ambassadors daily. The ambassadors will introduce the 16 different virtues to the public through the short clips. The clips will be shown until end June 2013.

Apart from that, MY FM is also one of our main partners for 【16 Navigators】. Every month, MY FM will interview one of the ambassadors. The interview is broadcasted every last Friday of the month at 9am. The ambassadors will introduce the virtues and activities of 【16 Navigators】to the listeners. The contents of the interview will also be published on China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau on the last Sunday of the month (two days after the interview broadcast on MY FM).


在2012年,南洋报业基金获得ASTRO、南洋商报以及中国报的鼎力支持,成功举办了一系列《16导航》慈善活动。除此之外,南洋报业基金和保乐力加有限公司也将联办100场“妈爹蓝带盛颂百年慈善晚宴”,筹款目标是100万令吉,而且在第二十五场晚宴的时候就提早达标了。每一场晚宴都会以不同的美德作为主题(谦逊,耐心,知足,喜悦,慈爱,真诚,慷慨,正语,尊敬,宽恕,感激,忠诚,志趣,原则,贡献,勇气), 所有的善款将会用于帮助不幸人士。

从2012年的8月开始,《16导航》每位大使的美德宣传片将会轮流在ASTRO的几个频道播出,大使们精简地跟观众介绍自己所代表的美德,而美德视频会一直轮播到明天6月。除此之外,MY FM也是南洋报业基金《16导航》的主要合作伙伴之一,每个月将会专访一位大使,于每个月的最后一个星期五播出,文字报导也将会于接着的那个星期日在南洋商报和中国报刊登。




16 Navigators – Virtues 16导航志愿队

The 16 Navigators (formerly known as the 16 Confluences) are guiding principles and tools that can help improve one’s way of life. They are simple and beneficial principles that teach us the good manners and positive traits that we should practise in order to create and maintain a blessed and purposeful life. These principles also help us pursue more meaningful relationships with others.


Guidelines Meaning
1. Humility
Humility enables us to learn from everyone and not being too proud of ourselves. It reminds us not to act or think as though we are better than others. It is a quiet strength that will help us to improve ourselves as we are willing to learn from others.
2. Patience
Patience works as a mean to control our reactions and retain our peace of mind. It enables us not to act hastily and be able to respond in an appropriate way because we retain the ability to think carefully before we act.
3. Contentment
Contentment is about happy and satisfied with whatever we have or in what situation we might be. It is not limited to the satisfaction of money, objects or people. It is the finding of a point of stillness within ourselves and stops us from restless desires that drive us blindly forward.
4. Delight
Delight is a feeling of great pleasure and it relieves pain and sorrow. It helps us to eliminate worries, frustration and anger. Being delightful will help us to deal on more positive stories and accomplishments rather than complaints or bad news. It brings more happiness into the lives of us and others.
5. Kindness
To be kind indicates to be friendly, care, gentle and generous to the people around us. Being kind to others generates happiness not only to us but to others too. It nourishes us and lifts our own spirits.
6. Honesty
Being honest is to care about another person’s welfare. An act of honest is being fair and honorable in our dealings and to cherish the needs of someone else. Being dishonest is to prioritize our own interests ahead of others and causing disappointment and pain. Thus, honesty is important to ensure a fair world and to bring trust to others.
7. Generosity
Generosity is an act to give away something willingly and not hoping for any returns. It is the wish to benefit someone that generates the happiness in our lives. A gift with ulterior motive will be an unpleasant gift. Generosity makes us open our hearts and hands more widely to everyone.
8. Thoughtful Speech
Speech is the mean to communicate our feelings, thoughts, ideas and opinions. Thoughtful speech can help us to bring happiness to the people around us. The power of speech is so great that it can help us either to create friendships or to make enemies. Thoughtful speech is a commitment to speak skillfully in order not to harm anyone and bring peace to ourselves and others too.
9. Respect
Everyone needs respect. Respect is the pre-requisite for the people to relate to each other in a positive and constructive way. Respecting others is to acknowledge other people’s experience and wisdom which can be helpful to us. It makes us stretch further in our lives.
10. Forgiveness
Forgiveness is to reclaim the peace of mind by letting go of any anger, disappointment or pain that has entrapped in our heart. To forgive someone does not mean to forget but is to let go of any destructive attitudes and to take an initiative to make a new start. It helps us to relieve our pain and discomfort of ourselves and of others to move towards a happier life.
11. Gratitude
Gratitude is the feeling of wanting to express thanks to those have offered supports. To receive gratitude from others is to strengthen our confidence that we are being recognized, encouraged and inspired. It helps us to learn how to appreciate the others and feels the warm and pleasant feeling that being grateful can bring for us.
12. Loyalty
Loyalty is a sense of faithful and mutual responsibility that holds families and friends together. It is the lifeline that makes us feel secure and supported and enables us to function well. Without loyalty, there will be anxiety, insecurity and loneliness. Thus, loyalty gives us the strength to move on in life because we know that we are not alone.
13. Aspiration
Aspiration is the desire to strive for a better tomorrow. It is the strength for us to change our life to be more meaningful. Everyone should play an active part in creating a better world for the benefits of everyone.
14. Principles
Principles are a set of rules or theories that influence our actions in a particular way. They provide us power and energy to make a stand about things that matter to us. Principles give stability and help us to move forward especially when making tough decision.
15. Service
Service is an act of assistance for the benefit of others to make their life easier and also to increase their happiness. It is an expression of caring, sharing and delighting each other. Every service has the potential to create happiness and the rewards are huge as we will feel happy too after offering our service.
16. Courage
Courage gives us strength to move far and to realize our dreams. It teaches us to overcome our fear and obstacles. Courage makes us brave to offer what goes beyond our limits and find our own happiness in the process.


16 Navigators - Partners


16 Navigators - Partners

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Events 活动

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16 Navigators Christmas Gathering 2013 16導航聖誕溫馨聚會, 20 December 2013

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