Natural Disaster Relief Missions 天灾援助

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Donation Description
2008 中国四川大地震
China Sichuan Earthquake
中国四川大地震共造成69227人死亡, 灾区的卫生、住房、校舍、通讯、交通、治安、地貌、水利、生态、少数民族文化等方面受到严重破坏。南洋报业基金加入救济行动,透过南洋商报和中国报读者的捐款,共为四川大地震筹获RM18,699,684.51,作为重建用途。

The China Sichuan Earthquake caused 69,227 deaths. The health, houses, school buildings, communications, transportation, security, geomorphology, water conservancy, ecology and culture of the affected areas were seriously damaged. With donations from readers of Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press, a total donation of RM18,699,684.51 was given to help the rebuilding in Sichuan, China.
2008–2010 缅甸风灾
Myanmar Disaster
缅甸风灾造成的死亡人数超过2万,缅甸老百姓的生活原本就很艰难, 经济更是雪上加霜。南洋报业基金从2008年至2010年,为缅甸共筹得RM496,152.58来赈灾。

The Myanmar Disaster has caused deaths of more than 20,000. The lives of the people in Myanmar has always been difficult, and the economy was even worse then. A total of RM496,152.58 was collected by Yayasan Nanyang Press for disaster relief efforts from years 2008 to 2010.
2009 莫拉克台风
Taiwan Typhoon Morakot

Typhoon Morakot has caused the worst flooding in Taiwan in 50 years, whereby around 600 lives were taken. A total of RM233,522.11 was collected by Yayasan Nanyang Press for disaster relief efforts in 2009.
2010 水灾救援(北马)
Flood Relief
在2010年,马来西亚北马区发生一场水灾,南洋报业基金分别捐助了RM40,000给 SJK (CINA) CHUNG HWA,RM25,000 给 PIBG SJK (CINA) TAI CHONG,RM25,000 给 PIBG SJK (CINA) YIH CHOOM,以及 RM20,000 给 SJK (CINA) KHOON AIK。 所捐出的善款一共是RM110,000。

In 2010, Yayasan Nanyang Press donated RM40,000 to SJK (CINA) CHUNG HWA,RM25,000 to PIBG SJK (CINA) TAI CHONG,RM25,000 to PIBG SJK (CINA) YIH CHOOM,and RM20,000 to SJK (CINA) KHOON AIK. The amount of donations given was RM110,000.
2010 印尼地震
Indo Padang Earthquake

The Indo Padang Earthquake struck with a magnitude of 7.6, and killed about 1,150 people and severely injured about 1,200. Around 135,000 houses were severely damaged and an estimated 1,250,000 were made homeless or otherwise severely affected. In 2010, a total of RM96,975.50 was collected by Yayasan Nanyang Press for purchase of machines or equipment for soil recovery, food supplies, medical support and clothing.
2010 菲律宾台风(Ketsana)
Philippines Typhoon Ketsana

Typhoon Ketsana was the most devastating typhoon known to hit Manila, causing damage of $1.09 billion and resulting in 747 fatalities. A total of RM115,306.10 was collected by Yayasan Nanyang Press for disaster relief efforts.
2010 越南台风(Ketsana)
Vietnam Typhoon Ketsana
台风凯萨娜(Typhoon Ketsana)继续在东南亚推进,袭击了越南沿海,造成至少23人死亡。南洋报业基金共捐助RM10,000.00来赈灾。

Typhoon Ketsana continued its deadly path across Southeast Asia as it ripped into the coast of Vietnam, killing at least 23 people there. Yayasan Nanyang Press donated RM10,000.00 for disaster relief efforts.
2010 柬埔寨热带风暴(Ketsana)
Cambodia Tropical Storm Ketsana

Tropical storm Ketsana attacked Cambodia and killed at least 8 people. More than 10 people were injured and dozens of houses were destroyed. Yayasan Nanyang Press donated RM10,000.00 for disaster relief efforts.
2010 印尼地震
Indonesia Earthquake

An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 struck Sumatra; an estimate of 435 people were killed. Yayasan Nanyang Press donated RM100,000.00 for disaster relief efforts.
2011–2012 曼谷洪灾
Thailand Flood Relief Mission – NSP

From 2011 to 2012, Yayasan Nanyang Press had raised a total of RM534,025.00 for the Thailand Flood Relief, to help the Thais rebuild their homes and buy them essential needs such as rice, mineral water, boats, boots, blankets and so on.
2011 青海地震
Qing Hai Earthquake

The Qing Hai Earthquake had killed 2,698 people. 270 people were missing and 12,135 people were injured. In addition, 70% of the schools in the area collapsed. Yayasan Nanyang Press donated RM534,377.68 for school rebuilding.
2011 日本地震
Japan Earthquake

This earthquake had caused the most serious tsunami in Japan, which killed 15,854 people. Yayasan Nanyang Press donated RM193,164.00 for disaster relief efforts.
2011 非洲饥荒
Famine in Africa

In 2011, famine in the horn of Africa, and the worst case of drought in 60 years, resulted in more than 30% of children suffering in extreme malnutrition. Six people were starved to death. Yayasan Nanyang Press donated RM50,000.00 for disaster relief efforts.
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