Aiding Programme 援助計劃

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Single Mothers Help Assistance & Information

Single mothers: tea session

SARA 1 MALAYSIAAMANAH MALAYSIAA special scheme initiated by Government of Malaysia aimed at promoting the participation of the low income group to save and invest, apart from assisting them in managing the impact of the rising current cost of living. Eligible Malaysians will have the opportunity to apply for a RM5,000 loan to invest in Amanah Saham 1Malaysia, and will receive attractive incentive payments on their savings and investments.
這是由馬來西亞政府發起的一項計劃,給低收入人民參與,投資與儲蓄,協助他們管理和提升生活經濟。符合條件的人民將有機會申請到RM5,000的貸款並參與AMANAH MALAYSIA的投資,獲得誘人的獎勵金。
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詢問熱線HOTLINE from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
Social Welfare Assistance Program
社會義工Scheme Perkeso Socso of Malaysia provides protection to every employee (registered under Socso members) who unable to work, doing daily activities or pass away due to accidents, it also provides protection for their families such as living expenses.
Miss Cheah 016-4192192
Latest Activities
Piano Classes for People with Autism 《星儿电子琴班》
Lego Therapy for People with Autism 《治疗课程-乐高治疗》
Dancing Classes for People with Autism 《星儿舞蹈班》
Painting Classes for People with Autism 《星儿绘画班》
Learning Corner for the Siblings 《兄弟姐妹故事分享会》
Venue 地点: Yayasan Nanyang Press
Ukulele Classes for People with Autism 《星儿Ukulele班》
Venue 地点: Yayasan Nanyang Press