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Phase 2

After the earthquake, people are stranded either on the road or open places. Most of them are staying under tents which are not waterproof. Hence, they request waterproof tents rather than food and water. People are afraid to sleep inside the houses as many homes have been poorly damaged.

Yayasan Nanyang Press ordered 110 tents (estimated for 460 beneficiaries) and 500 blankets to shelter homeless earthquake victims in Nepal. We are ordering the relief items from China, which will be sent to Nepal directly. The monks from Kopan Monastery will assist in ensuring those relief items are safely sent to the victims directly.

Blankets x 500RM11,500
Tents x 110RM31,400
Transportation from Shanghai to Nepal (estimate 1000kg)RM11,000
Grand TotalRM53,900

阶段 (二)


500 毛毯RM11,500
110 帐篷RM31,400
从上海到尼泊尔的物流费用 (估计 1000kg)RM11,000