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Phase 1

Yayasan Nanyang Press sent RM50,000 (1,421,000 Nepalese Rupee) to Nepal through the Kopan Monastery to help victims who are in need of food and medicine. Shopowners in Nepal have started to re-open their businesses so that others can buy items that are needed. The most affected areas are outside the valley, as people cannot get there easily. In this area, the best help that can be provided is only through helicopters.

阶段 (一)

南洋报业基金汇了5万令吉(1421000尼泊尔卢比)到尼泊尔,通过高班寺 (Kopan Monastery) 来帮助灾民以及购买粮食和水。当地商店也开始营业,方便人们购买到他们需要的物品。受地震影响最大的地区是交通不便的以外山谷,因此乘坐直升机是唯一的抵达方法。