Date of visitation / 日期: 28/7/13 (Sun/星期日)
Beneficiary / 受惠者: Lee Chan Tai 李进娣
Age / 年龄: 63
Venue / 地址: Selangor

Lee Chan Tai is a 63-year-old elderly living with her husband aged 72 years old, and they have a son and three daughters. When the children were younger, Lee’s husband worked as a taxi driver whilst she worked in various construction sites, managing both of their incomes to raise their children. Years of overwork in the construction sites wrecked Lee’s health and she had undergone angioplasty a few years ago. She also suffers from diabetes and arthritis. Her husband retired at the age of 55 with a provident fund but soon lost all his money to gambling. Currently, Lee’s husband is unemployed and is dependent on Lee.

Lee’s eldest daughter has divorced her husband and she and her two daughters also are dependents of Lee. Her eldest daughter suffers from mild depression and is being treated in a hospital. Frequent medical appointments have caused Lee’s eldest daughter to lose a proper job and as a result, she helps Lee to do ordinary cleaning in a karaoke outlet. Lee’s second daughter lives in Port Klang with her husband. Her second daughter is a housewife and her husband works as a government officer; they raise two children aged 13 and 8. Lee’s third daughter lives in a low-cost apartment in Subang Jaya. Currently, Lee’s husband and her daughters are unemployed. Her only son is a freelance worker and occasionally would give Lee RM100.

Lee is the sole breadwinner in the family. She has to work continuously to earn a living despite the fact that she suffers from various illnesses. Besides working in the karaoke outlet, she would scavenge for useful materials that can be resold for value. Lee’s house is shabby and the rooftop would leak whenever it rains. The bathroom and kitchen are also in really bad condition.

Lee’s grandchildren do not have a proper learning environment even though her grandchildren have done well in their education. They wish that their tuition fees can be donated by generous people. One of the supporting donors of Yayasan Nanyang Press, Mr. Brian, immediately donated a year’s worth of tuition fees upon learning this news. If anyone is willing to give them a hand, please contact Yayasan Nanyang Press. Yayasan Nanyang Press urges the public to donate any extra reference books, dictionaries and stationery to the children.

Yayasan Nanyang Press wishes to renovate their house. The 12th visitation will be held on 28th July 2013 (Sunday) at 9.30 a.m. together with E-Excel, ASTRO, Buffalo, Tai Thong Group, Jasper Promenade, BaoBei Reading Wonderland, JULIE’S, SUPER, various sponsors and also the Volunteers of 16 Navigators, who will be heading to Subang Kampung Melayu to repair Lee’s house. The cost of the repairs will be covered by the fund that has been raised through the MARTELL Cordon Bleu 100th Anniversary Charity Dinners 2012 with the support of Pernod Ricard Malaysia.

For those who are interested, please feel free to join this activity!





南洋报业基金决定帮助他们翻新家园,并于7月28日(星期日)早上9时半联同 E-Excel, ASTRO 本地圈、牛头牌特工队、大同集团、嘉玉贸易有限公司、宝贝阅读乐园、JULIE’S, SUPER, 各赞助商以及【16导 航】的志工们, 将第十二场的【16导 航】温馨探访移动到梳邦新村(Subang, Kg Melayu)为李阿姨粉刷屋子以及美化家园,希望他们可以拥有一个完善健康的屋子。由于,李阿姨住家在市区内,所以此次并无白队活动,但还是欢迎大家报名黑队用劳力来展示你的爱心。

12th Visitation

  • 李阿姨居家外观,拾荒维生堆满杂物。

12th Visitation

  • 外观虽好,但实际上逢雨必漏的屋顶已经无法在保护好这一个家了。

12th Visitation

  • 李阿姨家简陋的洗手间屋顶也是依靠一些烂木材与纸皮支撑。

12th Visitation

  • 李阿姨家简陋厨房以半砖半木形式搭建,破旧不堪。

12th Visitation

  • 李阿姨房間天花板也有漏水的迹象

12th Visitation

  • 李阿姨与我们描述自己患有关节炎的经过。

12th Visitation

  • 李阿姨患有关节炎的双膝。

12th Visitation

  • 63歲的李進娣阿姨,拜託大家伸出援手,幫助她。