10th Visitation日期 / Date of visitation: 28/4/2013 (Sun/星期日)
受惠者 / Beneficiary: Tin King Hong 张金凤
年龄 / Age: 60
地址 / Venue: Selangor

Chang (60 years old) is a housewife. Her husband had passed away in 2005 after suffering from illness for many years, leaving her with three sons and one daughter. Chang has to raise her three sons and one daughter single-handedly. She is unable to provide a decent meal for her children. Her sons have long given up their studies to look for a job, hoping to reduce their mother’s burden. Unfortunately, the sons are facing difficulties in looking for a proper job as they are not highly educated; what they have earned is only able to support themselves. Currently, Chang is staying with her second son whilst the rest of her children are renting a place nearby their office.

10th Visitation

The eldest son, Tan Yu Lin (40 years old), is working as a technician. He has unstable income and failed to support Chang. On the other hand, Chang’s second son (35 years old) is working as an assistant in a restaurant nearby Chang’s house. Her second son manages to earn about RM 700 per month. Chang’s youngest son (30 years old) is working in a car manufacturing factory and earning about RM2000 per month. Chang’s youngest son is currently on a business trip in Japan.

Chang’s daughter, Tan Mei Yu (38 years old), is working as a waitress in a well-known restaurant; she is married with three children. Her husband too is working as a supervisor in the same restaurant. Both of their salaries only amount to RM2,500. Chang helps to take care of their children, ranging from 13 years old, 8 years old and 6 years old when both parents are at work. Chang’s daughter will contribute RM600 per month to her mother. In total, Chang will receive approximately RM700-800 per month from her children. Chang was diagnosed with glaucoma many years ago. She has lost her right eye and now her left eye needs to be treated constantly. Recently, Chang also has to take medication to control her hypertension and all the medical bills cost her about RM300-400 per month.

10th Visitation

Surprisingly, there is a well in Chang’s kitchen for their daily water supply. A well, for many people out there, is something which existed in the past and no longer is being used. Chang’s house is really in bad condition and it seems like going to collapse anytime soon. Chang is worried about her grandchildren growing up in such a bad environment. Her house imposes a great risk of danger to their health and life.

Thus, Yayasan Nanyang Press wishes to arrange the 10th [16 Navigators] Visit with Compassion in Ulu Yam to assist Chang to rebuild her home and provide a better living environment for her.

Special Thanks: Nicholas Teo, who is Contentment Ambassador of Yayasan Nanyang Press is not able to join this visitation due to his tight schedule of work. Anyway, Nicholas HK Fans Club had donated RM780 for beneficiary, we appreciate their kindness and generosity.

张金凤(60岁)是名家庭主妇,病卧多时的丈夫在2005年不幸丧命,所以一个人抚养三位儿子和一位女儿。 张金凤 一家的经济条件和环境都不好,因此孩子们很早就放弃了学业。面对学历问题,三位儿子的工作和收入都不稳定,他们只能勉强承担自身的生活费,无法定期给家用。 目前张金凤只和二儿子一起生活,其余的孩子都各自在工作的地方附近租房间。


10th Visitation

女儿陈美玉(38岁)是名酒楼服务员,已经结婚,育有三个孩子。陈美玉的丈夫和她都在同一家酒楼当主管。他们两夫妻的月薪共有RM2500。由于陈美玉两夫妇都必须工作,唯有劳烦张金凤帮忙照顾三名孩子,年龄分别是13岁,8岁和6岁。女儿每个月会给母亲RM600,作为家用和看顾孩子的费用。 平均每个月四位孩子给张金凤的家用大约是RM700-RM800 。张金凤在很多年前就患上了青光眼,右眼的情况较严重,接受医疗后仍然无法复原,因此很不幸的她失去了右眼,目前左眼还是必须要接受复诊和治疗。近年,张金凤开始必须复诊和吃药来控制血压高,每个月复诊和医药费用大约RM300-RM400左右。



他们房间的屋顶不但破烂不堪,空间也非常狭窄,张金凤和三个孙子就这样挤在 这间简陋又破烂的房间,如果遇到晚间下雨的话,他们便无法在房间里睡觉。

10th Visitation


10th Visitation


10th Visitation


10th Visitation