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Artists 作品画家 – Damien

DamienDamien was born in 1995 and soon he was diagnosed with autism. Damien’s mother described him as possessing a loving and obedient personality. At first when Damien’s mother brought him to art classes, she was not aware how well Damien could draw. However, it was Damien’s sister who encouraged the mother to let Damien participating in Brian Ayers Art Exhibition 2008; he drew a painting of a lady wearing sarong with her hand holding a basket of fruits. Damien managed to secure a prize for this painting and his mother was very surprised and proud of him.

Painting 1Moreover, this awarded painting had been selected to exhibit in Asia Para Art Exhibition held by Tokyo in 2009 and later on the organizer decided to keep the painting permanently. Damien’s paintings are largely based on texture design. Those textures would make the paintings more dimensional. Bright and vivid colours enhance Damien’s paintings and this has become his signature artwork. Damien’s paintings are popular not only in Malaysia, but also in Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom. Those paintings are used to decorate home or office.

Presently, Damien attends art classes whilst participate in school band to enrich himself.

Painting 2王学莹于1995年出 生,虽然患有先天性自闭症,但个性善良乖巧。据妈妈说,起初带他去上美术班,并没有对他的画画留下深刻的印象,然而妈妈在姐姐的鼓励之下,让他去为2008年的 布赖恩·艾尔 斯艺术展(Brian Ayers Art Exhibition)准备一幅参赛作品。学莹当时 画了一位穿纱笼的女人,手中端着一盘颜色缤纷的水果,结果这幅杰作得奖了,妈妈感到非常惊讶与自豪。

除此之外,学莹的画 画作品也曾于2009年在日本东京举办的Asia Para Art Exhibition被选为参展,之 后 该基金会决定永久性保留他的这幅作品。学莹大多 数的代表作是纹理设计的,这些纹理让画画变得有立体感,明亮鲜艳的色彩亦是他作品的特色。他的画画不管是在马来西亚、澳洲、日本和英国都备受欢迎,通常用来挂在他们的住家或办公室墙壁上,作为打亮室内光泽的效果。

学莹除了偶尔会上画画课,也 会 参加学校的乐队,充实自己的生活。

Artists 作品画家 – Zhi Wan 之婉

Zhi WanZhi Wan has a learning disability. She has a hard time particularly in learning mathematics and vocabulary. Zhi Wan is the youngest child in her family, living together with her parents and two sisters. Zhi Wan’s mother informed that since young, Zhi Wan loves to draw. Few of her paintings have been sold off recently. As Zhi Wan neither goes to class nor work, she would attend art class once a week to enrich herself.

In this coming Chinese New Year 2013, Zhi Wan’s mother has suggested Zhi Wan to draw a painting based on the theme “Bowl”. In Chinese tradition, a “Bowl” represents wealth. Zhi Wan decides on bright orange colour to paint the “Bowl” as bright orange colour symbolizes auspicious. This painting is original and has a unique concept.

Painting 1之婉有学习障碍问题,因此对于文字和数学的学习都非常吃力。之婉在在家排行最小,和父母与两位姐姐同住。据黄妈妈说,之婉从小学一年级就开始热爱画画,近年来也卖出了好几幅作品。目前,她没 有上课也没有就职,但每个星期会上一堂的画画班,充实自己的生活。

Painting 1为了迎接2013的农历新年,黄妈妈建议女儿之碗画一幅以“碗”为主题的画,顾名思义就是以自己为主题的画。在华人的传统思想中,“碗”亦是代表丰衣足食,希望为来临的新年添上好意头,并采用鲜艳的橘红色象征吉利。此画的概念乃属原创,是独一无二的作品。