Organisers 主办单位: 喜粤海鲜酒家(吧生)Grand Imperial (Klang) & 南洋商报 Nanyang Siang Pau
Beneficiaries 受惠单位: 南洋报业基金是其中一个受惠单位 Yayasan Nanyang Press is one of the beneficiaries
Date 日期:13/01/2013 (Sunday) 星期天
Time 时间:7:30pm

Menu 菜单

  • 金碧辉煌龙虾三文鱼捞生 Lobster Salmon Fish “Yee Sang”
  • 瑶柱鸡炖中饱翅 Double Boiled Superior Shark’s Fin with Dried Scallop and Chicken
  • 鸿图全体沙皮乳猪 Crispy Roasted Whole Suckling Pig
  • 港式蒸斗昌鱼 Steamed Sea Promflet in Hong Kong Style
  • XO酱爆带子虾球 Sauteed Scallop and Medallion Prawn with XO Sauce
  • 原条海参伴鲍鱼 Braised Whole Sea Cucumber with Abalone in Brown Sauce
  • 香港腊味盅仔饭 Mini Clay Pot Hong Kong: Waxed Meat Rice
  • 慈爱甜心头 Loving Delight Dessert
  • 美点影双辉 Two Varieties Chinese Pastries

Price 价格:RM1988 nett

*现场备有舞蹈和唱歌表演 Live Dance and Singers Performance Show
**赠送一支轩尼诗X.O Complimentary One Bottle of Hennessy X.O