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Bella Pink Hair Campaign’s mission 粉红发丝行动宗旨

To raise real hair wig for post-chemotherapy Breast Cancer victims.


How to participate? 参与方式?

Anyone who is interested in giving away his or her hair, please make an appointment with the participating saloons for assessment: A Cut Above, Centro Hair Salon, Miko Gallery. Qualified donors will be given a free styling consultation, hair wash and haircut only.

任何有意捐赠秀发者(男女不拘),可前往A Cut Above, Miko Gallery或Centro Hair Salon指定发廊捐赠你的秀发,发型师将免费为你打造全新短发造型(只限于洗头及剪发,不包括熨染秀发等其它服务)。Bella 会将筹募到的秀发送到台北市《一美假发》制作成假发,再捐赠给乳癌相关协会。

When? 活动进行时间?

1 October 2012 – 28 February 2013.

Beneficial party 受惠团体

Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA)

Hair donation guidelines 捐赠秀发规则

  1. The length of hair has to be at least 12 inches (30cm) or more. 长度至少12寸或以上。
  2. Treated hair in good condition is acceptable. 熨染过的秀发,只要发质无过度受损依然可以捐赠。
  3. Hair with few strands of grey and natural curls or waves are acceptable. 少许的白发跟自然卷是可以接受。

Interested donors must call the participating salons for appointment and assessment. The salons reserve the right to reject unqualified hair donor based on their assessment. No walk in is entertained.

You can also support this campaign by donating fund to Yayasan Nanyang Press (Tel:+ 603-76508651/8676/8699).

有意捐献者必须先致电与发廊预约,发型师保留最后权力鉴定捐献者的发质符合条件与否。 欲通过捐款支持粉红发丝行动,可联络南洋报业基金(Tel: +603-76508651/8676/8699)。

Participating saloons 指定发廊

A Cut Above
Bangsar Shopping Centre 03-20949555 | Bangsar Village II 03-22832233 | Mid Valley Megamall 03-29383131 | Sunway Pyramid 03-56352222 | Parkson Pavilion KL 03-21413232

Centro Hair Salon
The Gardens Mall 03-22877330 | KLCC 03-21616330/21623330

Miko Galere
Pavilion 03-21414746 | Sg Wang 03-21411203 | Alpha Angle 03-41433916 | Wangsa Walk 03-41428290