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Concert to Raise Funds for Chinese Braille Programme, 6 August 2012

Most blind schools in Malaysia use the alphabetical Braille for reading and students can either read in English or Bahasa Malaysia. However, in China there is the Chinese Braille where the visually impaired can read in Hanyu Pinyin and they have made much progress there.

Rotary Club of Sri Petaling has embarked on this community project of making the teaching of Chinese Braille available to those who wish to learn it in their own vernacular language. Early this year we have sent three teachers from St Nicholas School for the Blind, Penang to Beijing, China to learn firsthand of this teaching tool. Two of them are visually impaired and after one month of intensive learning there they have given us the thumb-ups for this project. In the month of June 2012, we will be launching this project in St Nicholas School.

Recognizing how useful and powerful the teaching of Chinese Braille to visually impaired students, Rotary Club of Sri Petaling, Yayasan Nanyang Press, Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press have come together and want to take it to new level that is making it available not only to St Nicholas School for the Blind as our pilot project, but throughout other Blind Schools in Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.

To do that we need funds to make our dream a reality. We have been in touch with Angel Glory Performing Artiste from China and this musical troupe has consented to give us an out of this world performance to showcase their talents at our Charity Dinner. More applause should be given to them as they are visually impaired and they wish lend a hand to those in need. They have outstanding performers who have performed in other parts of the world.

We seek generous sponsors for this Charity Dinner and we have a list of ways you can help us to make the evening a stunning success. Every effort must make to ensure that the receipt of this Charity Dinner will go to fulfill this dream of ours and also those in need.

The night of the Charity Dinner is held at HGH Convention Hall, Jalan Sentul on Monday, August 6th 2012 at 7.00 pm which is incidentally a public holiday for Selangor.


如今,扶轮社在本国展开这项学习模式,实行华文盲文的教学,让那些有意愿的视障人士,有机会学习中文和打中文。今年年初,三位来自槟城St Nicholas School for the Blind的老师,被派送到中国北京去学习和了解这个教学模式,而其中两位亦是视障人士。经过一个月的学习后,三位老师受益不浅,并给于很高的评价。在今年6月,我们将会在St Nicholas School for the Blind正式推出这个项目。

我们意识到华文盲文的课程对视障学生来说,是如此重要、以及被需要的。因此,扶轮社、南洋报业基金、南洋商报以及中国报联手将这个项目推至更上一层楼,不只是在St Nicholas School for the Blind 实行,也希望在马来西亚各地的盲人学校,热烈地推动这个计划。

要实现这个梦想,我们需要资金来达到目标。我们很荣幸邀请到中国Angel Glory的演绎者,为我们的慈善晚宴献出具有国际水准的表演。更值得敬佩的是,他们都是拥有慈爱美德的视障人士,愿意为有需要的人伸出援手。


这个美好的慈善义演将会在2012年8月6日,晚上7点在HGH会议厅(Jalan Sentul)举办,那天刚好也是雪州的公共假期。

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