Date 日期: 2015年12月27日 (星期日)
Time 时间: 早上9点至下午3点
Beneficiary 受惠者: Rumah Pelawat of Klinik Kesihatan Timbua
Address 地址: Rumah Pelawat of Klinik Kesihatan Timbua, Ranau, Sabah
Be a Volunteer 报名志工

Shelter in Kg. Timbua, Ranau in State of Disrepair

This shelter is situated next to Klinik Kesihatan Timbua, which is located in Kg. Timbua, a large settlement approximately 35km away by gravel road from Ranau. It is used to cater to expectant mothers nearing their date of delivery, providing them temporary accommodation in the meantime. This prevents unsafe home deliveries in distant villages, thus lowering the mortality rates of both mother and child.

Originally this shelter was maintained by the clinic staff, whereby patients or family members will be imposed a minimum accommodation fee of RM2 for their stay. However, most of the patients cannot even afford to pay the accommodation fee, which is eventually waived anyway. The conditions of the shelter then became worse over time due to lack of funds.

During their recent visit to this place, Yayasan Nanyang Press realised that there is a need to refurbish the shelter as it has been in a state of disrepair, with a leaking roof, erosion and damaged floors, etc. Hence, through a collaboration with Dr Muhammad Noorhisyam and his schoolmates, Yayasan Nanyang Press will be organising the 14th [16 Navigators] Visit with Compassion II on 27 December 2015 to refurbish the shelter. Many volunteers will be needed to take part in this visitation. Besides, Yayasan Nanyang Press will also be contributing new mattresses and fans and repairing the kitchen so that the shelter’s patients have a better environment to stay in.

Yayasan Nanyang Press would like to encourage participation from the general public to join this meaningful charitable event. If you are interested to be a volunteer, sponsor or partner of [16 Navigators II], please do not hesitate to contact Yayasan Nanyang Press via phone (03-76508651 / 694 / 675 / 669 / 662 / 624 / 652 / 653) or e-mail (

If you are unable to attend the event, but would still like to support this event, you are welcome to make a financial contribution. Cheques can be made payable to YAYASAN NANYANG PRESS (OCBC 701-120679-6), after which you are requested to fax (03-76508627) or email the bank-in slip to Yayasan Nanyang Press. For more information, please visit our website:


此待產小屋坐落於離蘭腦市中心約35公里外 KG TIMBUA 的醫療診所旁。小屋附近共有16個村莊,由於附近的道路都是由小石子所形成的,路面凹凸不平交通非常不便,而村莊與小屋之間的距離也相當的遙遠。小屋的用意就是讓待產媽媽和家人能在預產期前住入,方便醫務人員能及時給予協助,從而減低生產過程中可避免的意外發生。


《南洋报业基金》于日前前往考察後發現,小屋(高腳屋)的入口樓梯已全毀,屋頂漏水導致牆壁和地板都已經腐爛,經過考量後決定與 Dr Muhammad Noorhisyam 和他的同学聯手合作為小屋裝修,並於2015年12月27日(星期日)為小屋為此家庭進行第14场“16導航2之溫馨探訪”,屆時將需要大批志工協助整理及修復小屋的工程。另外,《南洋报业基金》也將為小屋購置新床褥和風扇,同時也重整屋內的廚房,讓入住者可以享用,產婦們能安心待產。

目前,Dr Muhammad Noorhisyam 和他的同学已助《南洋报业基金》在當地招募多名義工準備就緒加入團隊,因此,希望各界善心人士加入南洋报业基金【16导航温馨探访2】活动,有意要成为【16导航2】赞助商、合作伙伴或志愿者的朋友,请致电到南洋报业基金 (03-76508651 / 694 / 675 / 669 / 662), 或电邮至

若您无法出席【16导航】温馨探访活动,也可以乐捐的方式支持此活动。请将您的善款汇至 YAYASAN NANYANG PRESS (OCBC 101-108445-4),然后再把汇款和个人资料传真到 03-76508627。欢迎游览南洋报业基金网站

Condition of Shelter

14th Visitation
The shelter is in a dilapidated condition.
14th Visitation
Eroded and damaged floor of the shelter.
14th Visitation
The shelter is full of debris.
14th Visitation
Unkempt surroundings, full with weeds.
14th Visitation
Unkempt surroundings, full with weeds.
14th Visitation
Old water tank for daily use.