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Luncheon Story (1) 《午宴小故事》 (1)

Xiaohui grew up in a wealthy family where her parents treat her like a princess, fulfilling each and every one of her wishes.

One day, Xiaohui was very excited after knowing her parents were going to bring her for a charity event namely the First Gratitude and Contentment Charity Luncheon for Elderly and Orphans held by Yayasan Nanyang Press. The entire excitement was due to the reason that Xiaohui has never been to such an event before and there would be a gift exchange session at the event. She immediately forced her parents to buy a nice gift for the gift exchange session so that she would be the star of the whole event.

On the day of the Luncheon, Xiaohui woke up extremely early in order to prepare herself; she wore a beautiful pink skirt and blouse and went to the Luncheon together with the gift that she had nicely wrapped the night before. During the Luncheon, Xiaohui was separated from her parents. She was seated with two girls of similar age – on her left was Xiaoling and on her right was XingYi who was two years younger than her.

As Xiaohui was the eldest among the two little girls, she took care of them and had a small conversation with them. She even took the initiative to invite XiaoLing and XingYi to join her during the game session and all of them had a good time. Finally it was the moment Xiaohui had longed for – the gift exchange session. She was so excited that she couldn’t wait any longer to exchange for a gift she wanted.

During the gift exchange session, Xiaohui took out her gift, which was a Barbie Doll set and that had, indeed, successfully captured the attention of all the orphans present there. XiaoLing was very happy to receive it. However, Xiaohui was mad at XiaoLing’s gift; it was only a gift card. Xiaohui was very upset and she ran to her mother and asked:

“Mom, why is it just a little gift card, where’s my gift?” Xiaohui asked impatiently.

At this point, XiaoLing was very embarrassed because she received such an expensive gift but didn’t manage to give XiaoHui a decent gift.

“Mom, I want a gift,” Xiaohui said annoyingly.

“Xiaohui, you did not get a nice gift, are you very unhappy?” Xiaohui’s mother asked.

“Yes,” Xiaohui replied.

“Who bought the gift that you gave?” her mother continued.

“Mom”, Xiaohui replied reluctantly.

“Didn’t you know that XiaoLing is an orphan, did you?” her mother asked impatiently.

Xiaohui realized her mistake and immediately apologized to XiaoLing. She too thanked XiaoLing for the gift card.

This story tells us that we always failed to realize that there are more unfortunate people surrounding us. We should always feel contented with what we have now.





在交换当儿,小蕙把她的礼物送出去,礼物是名贵的名牌娃娃组合一套,让全场的孤儿们都为之亮眼,而收到娃娃的小玲也非常的开心。到小蕙接收小玲的礼物时,小蕙感到非常失落,并跑向 妈妈那边问到。

「妈妈,为和我的礼物 只是一张小卡片,我的礼物呢?」小蕙不耐烦的问到。

此时,小玲非常 的尴尬,因为自己接收的那么帮的礼物,却给不到什么好东西小蕙。


此时,妈 妈就对着小蕙说,「小蕙,妈妈问你,你没拿到漂亮的礼物,很不开心对吗?」。


妈妈再问「那你告诉我,你送出去的那 份礼物,是谁买的。」


「哪,你知不知道小玲是位孤儿呢?」妈 妈不耐烦的再问。



Luncheon Story (2) 《午宴小故事》 (2)

Shawadee is a 14-year-old girl whose parents had passed away in a car accident during a roadtrip when she was only 5 years old. She managed to survive the accident but it caused her to become an orphan. She was subsequently arranged by an officer from the Ministry of Welfare to be admitted to an orphanage.

Throughout these nine years, Shawadee never gave up on her life. She is very optimistic in life and embraces her life that her parents had given to her. In the orphanage, Shawadee seems like a big sister who knows how to take care of the younger ones and thus, they call her Sister Sha.

Besides that, Shawadee scores excellent grades in her school and she often represents her school in interscholastic or interstate athletics. Shawadee has great personality and a positive attitude and is independent and always cheerful, which makes all the teachers and students praise her.

In August, Shawadee and the orphans attended the First Gratitude and Contentment Charity Luncheon for Elderly and Orphans held by Yayasan Nanyang Press. It was an opportunity for the orphans and Shawadee to thank those who have donated for their living expenses and education fees.

Shawadee was seated with Mrs Tan and her family. She managed to interact with Mrs Tan and the family and they had a good time together. During the gift exchange session, Shawadee presented Mrs Tan a painting which had been drawn by her. Knowing that Shawadee is a teenager, Mrs Tan bought her a pair of beautiful earrings only to realize that Shawadee doesn’t have any piercings.

In such an awkward moment, Shawadee remained claim and she said:

“Mrs Tan, thank you very much for this pair of earrings and I really like it. Unfortunately, I do not have any piercings. Let me wear it on you.”

Mrs Tan felt delighted and touched as her daughter had not even helped her to wear a pair of earrings. She even wished to adopt Shawadee.

Even though Shawadee is a fictional character, the content of the story is still present. We must always appreciate and be grateful to the people surrounding us especially our dearest ones.

莎瓦帝,今年14岁,5岁那年和爸妈开车外出旅游时,在一场车祸中夺去了莎瓦帝双亲得性命了,当时的她因为在母亲的怀中保护下,幸存了。因为这场巨变,莎瓦帝 成了孤儿,被福利部官员安排住进了孤儿院。


小莎不但在孤儿院表现良好,甚至在学校也成绩优异,也是个运动健将,时常代表学校参加校际或州际的田径比赛。独立的个性、积极的态度、时常微笑的小莎,都 是老师和同学们赞赏的对象。

八月间,孤儿院带领一群孤儿朋友们前往参加由南洋报业基金所举办的第一届《孤儿老人温馨感恩午宴》,小莎也与院友们前往 参与,同时也要感谢捐助者常年支助她们的生活开销与学习费用。


到了交换礼物的环节,小莎送上一幅水彩画,是小莎与学校老师到郊外写生时的作品。而陈太太知道小莎是个青少年女生,也到了爱漂亮的年龄,所以特地买了一对耳环准备帮小莎带上,但当她要为小莎带耳环时才发现小莎 没有穿耳洞。