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Above Full Moon The Musical will be held on 19th April 2015 (3pm) at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center. All tickets have been purchased by Kepong Jiang Tang. 209 tickets are given to Nanyang Nanyang Press to sell as donation. Funds raised from the sales will be used for the “Dream House” project.

Above Full Moon is one of the full-length musicals created by award-winning director Ho Lin Huay and composer Imee Ooi. It is presented in Broadway style with great musical scores and spectacular stage and design.

It depicts the life of a very important pioneer in early Chinese art history, Mr Li Shu Tong, who at the peak of his life, became a Buddhist monk known as Master Hong Yi. While he has left a rich legacy of music, literary and calligraphy works, his nobility of character and piousness has created a great influence on many.

Come see this remarkable musical and be inspired by the moving tale of the legendary Master Hong Yi.

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《天心月圆》 以百老汇音乐剧形式,叙述李叔同先生,也就是弘一大师的生平事迹。他是中国近代艺术、文化及宗教史上的传奇人物,前半生为中国美术、音乐、话剧,做出开创性的贡献;后半生则返璞归真,皈依我佛,成为一代宗师。