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Date 日期: 22 June 2014 (Sunday)
Time 时间: 7.30am – 2.00pm
Venue 地点: Puchong Beautiful Gate Hope Factory 蒲种美门希望工厂
Address 地址: No 17, Jalan TPP 1/36, Taman Perindustrian Puchong, 47000, Puchong, Selangor
Contact 联络方式: 03-7650 8651 / 8669 / 8662 / 8675
Email 电邮:
Special VIP 特别来宾: Yayasan Nanyang Press 16 Navigators Ambassadors 南洋报业基金16导航大使

Official media 官方媒体:

With the purpose to develop Puchong to become a barrier-free town, Yayasan Nanyang Press and The Beautiful Gate Foundation, Puchong Branch have decided to jointly organise the “Love with No Barrier” Barrier-Free Environment Awareness Walk. The main purpose of the programme is to discover and improve the barrier-free facilities in the town.


Barrier-Free Environment Awareness Walk

We will be having games stations located at 40 places, which persons with disabilities (PWDs) face every day in their daily life.

  • Clinics
  • Banks
  • Shops
  • Shopping Mall (IOI Mall, Setia Walk, Giant)
  • Transportation station (bus station, LRT station)
  • Police station
  • Garden

If there are obstacles at these places, how could a PWD live a normal life? How do they live in our society? Each of us have our own dream; for PWDs their dream is to have a barrier-free society as they would also want to live independently like others. They want to contribute to our society too. They are not DISABLED. It is society that makes them DISABLED.

There are obstacles, which each group needs to overcome to win a game.

  • Take a photo of the obstacle.
  • Take down the notes or details needed.
  • Discuss with the owner for installation of facilities.
  • Take a group photo together with the owner.
  • Request for contact details of the owner.
  • Provide the correct solution for owner.

After finished observing and taking down the obstacle, they then continue on to complete their task at the next games station.


  • 诊所
  • 银行
  • 商店
  • 百货公司 (IOI Mall, Setia Walk, Giant)
  • 公共交通系统停靠站
  • 警察局
  • 公园



  • 对障碍物拍照
  • 对该地区写出简短的评语
  • 与当地商家讨论建设无障碍设施
  • 与当地商家进行合照
  • 向当地商家领取联络方式
  • 提供正确的解决方案给商家


Registration Fees 报名费用

  • Fee is RM30 per participant. 每位参赛者。
  • Registration fee for kids below 7 years old are free of charge but they are allowed to join as observers, not as participants. 7岁以下儿童无需报名费,但他将不被列入参赛者名单,只能以观赛者身份参与活动。
  • Every group will have 10 participants. There are 3 PWDs, 1 recorder, 1 team leader and 4 volunteers. 每组将会有10位参赛者,分别为3位障友、1位记录、1位组长和4位志工。

Tentative Agenda 活动流程

Time 时间 Activities 项目
7:30am – 8:30amRegistration 签到
8:30am – 9:00amGrouping and short briefing 分组与说明
9:00amVoice out for a barrier-free environment society. Let’s GO! 大声的向无障碍环境呐喊!出发
11:30amLunch 午餐时刻
12:00pm Performance, lucky draw and closing ceremony 表演, 幸运抽奖&闭幕典礼
2:00pmPhoto session and goodbye 大合照&明年再会

Rules and Regulations 参加规则

  • Everyone is welcome to join. 此活动公开于各界人士。
  • Registration fee is RM30 per participant. 参加慈善行的报名费为一个人马币30元。
  • Registration fee for kids below 7 years old are free of charge but they are allowed to join as observers, not as participants. 七岁以下的报名者无需付费,可是不被列入参赛者名单,只能以观赛者参与活动。
  • Participants will be divided into groups during the activity. 活动将分组进行。
  • Each group will consist 10 participants (including 3 PWDs). 每组将由10位参加者组成(包括三位残障人士)。
  • Each group must complete the task given during the awareness walk. 每组将需要在游行期间完成被委派的任务。
  • There will be trainers, mentors or coaches in each group. 每个组将会被委派一位领队。
  • Participants cannot leave the group before a task is finished during the barrier-free awareness walk. 参加者在完成任务前不可擅自离队。
  • Participants are required to wear a white t-shirt together with the sports vest of the campaign to participate in the activity. 所有参加者须于活动当天穿上白色T-恤及游行的运动背心。
  • Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 报名费恕不退换或转让其他人。

Failure to comply with any of the rules may lead to disqualification. 所有参加者须服从主办单位的一切指示。

I want to join the programme (registration form). 我想参与这项活动 (报名表格)。