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To raise RM100,000 for the 2013 Warmth Navigators Philippines Typhoon Relief Mission Fund, The 19 USJ City Mall together with NCS Bazaar & Event and Glamour Paragon Sdn Bhd will be holding a 8-day charity carnival.

There will be dozens of fun and prizes awaiting you, in addition to the Christmas Eve countdown and also New Year Eve countdown with fireworks performance.

Date: 24th December 2013 to 31st December 2013
Time: 6pm to 12am daily
Venue: Main Entrance, The 19 USJ City Mall
Organisers: The 19 USJ City Mall, NCS Bazaar & Event
Co-organisers: Glamour Paragon Sdn Bhd
Media Partners: China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau
Beneficiary: Yayasan Nanyang Press
Fundraising target: RM100,000

为力挺遭无情台风摧毁家园的菲民抗风灾凑款RM100,000,THE 19 USJ CITY MALL和NCS Bazaar & Event 即将于2013年12月24日至31日,一连8天举办慈善嘉年华,现场除了会有各样的嘉年华游戏、小丑和画脸服务外,还提供美食和多样奖品等您来赢取。


活动地点:The 19 USJ City Mall 正门口
主办单位:The 19 USJ City Mall, NCS Bazaar & Event
协办单位:Glamour Paragon Sdn Bhd
受惠单位:Yayasan Nanyang Press 南洋报业基金

Malaysia Flood Relief Mission 2013