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About Kopisusu

A Nanyang cham that is modern yet so old time.

A taste of Kopisusu charmed with a strong dash of jazz – 90 minutes of seamless concert play featuring memorable Nanyang flavoured songs infused with Malayan sentiments of the 50s and 60s – a decade that offered a menu of whimsical yet modern entertainment and dramatic music presented in theatrical fashion, an era where the ones who entertain and those who are entertained live in, an era of all kinds of possibilities.

Concert Play Synopsis

This musical play is about a one-day life of a group of materially poor but spiritually rich musicians who conceive a dream in their shabby home; that the joy of music penetrates time and space to pervade the air with a sweet, dreamy and free-flowing rhapsody that is a modern nostalgic interpretation of old-time Nanyang.

A Charity Dinner of Kopisusu with Yudi in Aid of Yayasan Nanyang Press

Song Selection

The musical repertoire for this concert play KOPISUSU were popular pieces of the 50’s and 60’s from the entertainment industry of pre and post Merdeka (Independence year 1957). In this particular decade and slightly beyond, pop music from Shanghai, what we now know as “shi dai qui” (golden oldies) became extremely popular, not just among the migrant Mandarin speaking communities scattered all over the world, but gained the attention of the English speaking music giants too.

With this South East Asians began to hear Mandarin pop music fused with English lyrics or vice-versa. Even Malay melodies, mostly folk songs from the Malay Archipelago aka Nanyang to the Chinese, embraced different sentiments when sung in Mandarin and English.

Among the most popular and memorable songs of the era are “River of No Return”, “Chita Chita Ku (Perhaps)”, “Rose, Rose, I Love You”, “Lover’s Tears”, “Dayung Sampan”, “Aiyomama”, etc.

Creative Team

Yudi Yap, who has conceptualised and performed in the play, with Tay Cher Siang the music director cum pianist, created the music and artistic issues so modern with local inspirations and inputs.

In support with Pearlly Chua as the associate producer and drama coach in the play, and guest performer Evan Siau, our Mr International Malaysia of 2012, accompanied by WVC Trio the Jazz band, Beatrice Looi as the wardrobe designer, and John Siew the sound engineer.


友弟一场很那时侯的摩登南洋 Cham

A Charity Dinner of Kopisusu with Yudi in Aid of Yayasan Nanyang Press


时代曲佼佼者友弟独具年代感的声音,郑泽相自由且具感染力道的音乐编排,呈献以南洋调味的本土风情秀 《KOPISUSU咖啡酥酥》,怀旧时尚格调兼具。

《KOPISUSU 咖啡酥酥》 演唱音乐会将引领听众走入时光隧道,一起音乐南洋、记忆南洋,带领观众一起回味本地独有的摩登南洋 Cham。


《咖啡酥酥》 演歌音乐会将带出50、60年代盛行的中词西曲、中曲西词、本地化的马来时代曲、英文时代曲甚至自创的流行曲和南洋民谣等,携手演出的还有能演能唱的 2012 年国际大马先生 Evan Siau 萧文亨,WVC Trio 郑泽相 (钢琴)、AJ (贝斯) 和 KJ (鼓手),音响工程 John Siew、名师 Beatrice Looi 设计舞台服装。

A Charity Dinner of Kopisusu with Yudi in Aid of Yayasan Nanyang Press