Silent Auction

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Date 竞标日期: 31/1/2014 (9am) – 14/2/2014 (12pm)
Co-organisers 联办单位: Pernod Ricard Malaysia 保乐力加马来西亚, Yayasan Nanyang Press 南洋报业基金

With great support from all readers and various parties, Yayasan Nanyang Press has managed to provide financial, moral and material support to the less fortunate people around Malaysia and the opportunity for them to start a better life.

Since 2012, the Nanyang Press Foundation has been working closely with Pernod Ricard Malaysia to support the disadvantaged groups and we will continue this noble partnership to benefit the numerous needy. For Chinese New Year 2014, Yayasan Nanyang Press will be co-organising the Online Silence Auction with Pernod Ricard Malaysia to raise funds and support the disabled people.

This year, we have invited two artists, Damien and Ng Zhi Wan to make the four paintings for this project. Damien and Zhi Wan are people with learning disabilities but they are very passionate in painting and art. Besides financial support, by supporting this project, you are also providing moral support to the painters and giving them confidence to pursue their aspirations.

Apart from that, Pernod Ricard Malaysia is also sponsoring the production of the red package that showcase the four paintings. If you would like to make a donation and collect the red packages, please kindly contact us through or 03-76508651 / 662 / 694 / 675; or 012-4993775 / 016-2475591. You may also visit our website at for more information.

南洋报业基金2013年承蒙社会大众的一路相挺,让我们不负众望的将善款与善 心佈满全马各地,让弱势得到适当的照顾,让病者得到及时雨的灌溉重获新生。

弹指挥间,又是一年,癸巳水蛇扭腰去,甲午金马跃人间 。自2012年开始,南洋报业基金一直与保乐力加马来西亚携手合作,继续取自社会用之社会的精神,为弱势族群雪中送炭。今年的农历新年,南洋报业基金再次连同保乐力加马来西亚, 为弱势送暖,运用《无声拍卖》为残疾人士筹募善款。

今年南洋报业基金邀请了星儿画家王学莹与黄之婉分别创作 四副画作共善者人翁投选心头好。除了有《无声拍卖》外,而这四副画作也将印制成新春红包封供社会大众收集。

凡捐献RM的读者,将可获得马年福袋一包,更多关于《无声拍卖》与 购买新春福袋详情敬请上南洋报业基金网站 或拨电南洋报业基金热线 03-76508651 / 662 / 694 / 675; or 012-4993775 / 016-2475591 询问详情。

Painting 1Artist 画家: Damien 王学莹
Year: 2014
Size: 2ft x 3ft

Min. bid 最底投标: RM2,888
Painting 2Artist 画家: Ng Zhi Wan 黄之婉
Year: 2014
Size: 1.8ft x 1.8ft

Min. bid 最底投标: RM788
Painting 3Artist 画家: Damien 王学莹
Year: 2014
Size: 3ft x 2ft

Min. bid 最底投标: RM4,888
Painting 4Artist 画家: Ng Zhi Wan 黄之婉
Year: 2014
Size: 2.65ft x 1.3ft

Min. bid 最底投标: RM588

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