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Support We Need
How to Support
Financial Support
Up to date, we have spent RM100,000 on medical supplies and transportation costs of the medical teams to the Philippines. The damage of Haiyan may cause the relief mission to be extended to more than 3 months, so your financial support will enable us to continue this mission smoothly. Thank you!
How to Donate

Medical Support
We are running out of medical items. If any medical suppliers or private hospitals would like to sponsor, donate or sell by wholesale price, please contact us:

Professional Medical Team Volunteers (Doctors, Nurse, Counselor, etc)
We have sent 10 doctors (divided into 2 batches) to the disaster area to provide medical support. Every “tent doctor” is serving 260 patients per day. As the horrible disaster may lead them to suffer from physical fatigue and a poor mental state, their medical services will rotate every two weeks. Due to the high demand for medical support, we urge more medical professionals to join us as volunteers. Flight, transportation, accommodation and food will be provided. Please email us ( a photocopy of your passport, APC of doctors (which we will submit to the Philippines Ministry of Health), email and contact number.

Four medical teams will be posted to Philippines for 3-16 December, 7-20 December, 10-23 December, and 15-28 December. For those who are interested to participate in the rescue mission, please contact us at 03-76508651 / 675 / 662 / 669 or visit our website: to get the latest news.


四个医疗团队的出发时间为12月3日至16日、12月7日至20日、12月10日至23日、12月15日至28日,若有兴趣参与这次的救援行动皆可联络南洋报业基金 03-76508651 / 675 / 662 / 669 或浏览南洋报业基金网站 以获取最新消息。

Note: We currently do not accept sponsorship in kind. Public donation funds will be used to purchase necessities in the Philippines, reduce the logistics burden, and also to recover their economy during this troubled time. Thank you! 备注: 我们目前不接受物资捐助。南洋报业基金将会善用大众的捐款在菲律宾当地购买必需品,这样除了减少物流负担,也能在这个受创时刻促进他们的经济。谢谢!