Flood Relief Mission - Thailand, 2011

泰国防洪行动 2011

在 今年的七月下旬, 雨季为泰国带来了一场 大水 灾. 这 是泰国五十年来最严重的洪患, 已 经淹没了六百万公顷的土地, 让 当地居民不单失去了家园, 也 丧失了亲人. 因 此, 泰国已在进行洪水监测 以及 防洪行动. 由于这场洪患来势汹汹, 南洋报业基金目前已为泰国谁在筹募了十万零吉, 同时也和中国报,南洋商报,馬來西亞金剛乘佛教總會 (VBCM), KDU佛教协会以及其他大学共同为 抗洪救灾行动筹集更多款项.

南洋报业基金得到泰国当地的寺庙的全力支持,一同分发物资, 如Wat Duang Kae (Bangkok), Wat Tammapayaram (Nakhon Pathom), Wat Pai Thong (Bangpama, Suphanburi) 和 Suwanarum Wittiyakhom School (Bangkok), 将积极派送白米, 鸡蛋, 药物, 女性卫生用品, 矿泉水以及其他必需品, 给在附近寺庙和学校避难的灾民.

南洋报业基金也有一支由四十位志愿者组成的救援队, 为那些还守在淹没家园的灾民提供必要的供应. 同时, 泰国也从中国进口了二十艘小船作为受 灾地区的代步工具, 让志愿者能够在危险的水位, 向灾民进行援救或撤离.


  • 大米, 三餐和水给四个不同的灾区的灾民, 预计超过三千人.
  • 中国进口的二十艘筏船供应给曼谷的灾 民援 救和撤离行动.
  • 有关皮肤疾病的药物.
  • 中国进口的五十双靴子以便保护长时间 待在 洪水的南洋报业基金志愿者.
  • 婴儿奶粉.

南洋报业基金也迫切呼吁大众响应南洋报业基金为泰国灾民的捐款活 动。 我们将把捐款转换成y以下物品送到灾民手中:

  • 白米
  • 靴子
  • 小船
  • 有关皮肤疾病的药物
  • 婴儿奶粉
  • 瓶装矿泉水
  • 睡袋和毯子
  • 女性卫生用品

有关捐款的步骤和详情, 请联络南洋报业基金:
电话: 03-76508651
电邮: nyfound@nanyang.com.my

Flood Relief Mission - Thailand, 2011

Major floods are occurring during the current monsoon season in Thailand, which began in late July 2011. The flooding - which is Thailand's worst in 50 years - has inundated about six million hectares of land, causing damages and even deaths across the country. Flood monitoring and relief operations are currently underway.

Due to the urgency of the current flood situation in Thailand, Yayasan Nanyang Press has to date contributed over RM100,000 and is also cooperating with the Vajrayana Buddhist Council of Malaysia, the Buddhist Society of KDU and other universities to help raise more funds for flood relief operations.

Yayasan Nanyang Press is co-distributing supplies and resources with a few temples in Thailand, such as Wat Duang Kae (Bangkok), Wat Tammapayaram (Nakhom Pathom) and Wat Pai Thong (Bangpama, Suphanburi), and will be actively sending rice, eggs, medicine, women's sanitary pads, bottled drinking water and other essential items to Thais who are currently taking refuge in temples near areas affected by the floods.

Yayasan Nanyang Press has a rescue team made up of more than 40 local volunteers constantly sending adequate supplies to victims who may still be staying in their flooded homes. Twenty boats have been imported from China for use in Bangkok, and will be distributed to the volunteers at the affected areas so that they will be able to send supplies to victims or evacuate them should the water levels continue to rise to dangerous levels.

Supplies that are being contributed by Yayasan Nanyang Press to the flood victims include:

  • Rice, daily meals and water to over 3,000 people at four different areas (two areas in Bangkok, and one each in Nakhom Pathom and Suphanburi)
  • Twenty raft boats imported from China for use in Bangkok, to help distribute supplies and resources to victims and evacuate victims from their flooded homes
  • Medicine for skin-related diseases
  • Fifty pairs of boots imported from China to protect Yayasan Nanyang Press volunteers from prolonged exposure to flood waters
  • Milk powder for babies.

Yayasan Nanyang Press urgently appeals to the public for the following items to be donated to the flood victims in Thailand as soon as possible:

  • Rice
  • Eggs
  • Boots
  • Medicine for skin-related diseases
  • Milk powder for babies
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Sleeping bags and blankets
  • Women's sanitary pads.

For further information on how to make a donation, please contact Yayasan Nanyang Press at 03-7872 6888 or via email at nyfound@nanyang.com.my.

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