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Dear Beloved Parents of [Dream House for The Hidden Stars]

Good day!

Yayasan Nanyang Press (YNP) hopes to have your participation in organising the “Happy Family Healthy Family Carnival”, which will be held in 2016. This is a magnificent fund raising project for [Dream House for The Hidden Stars]. Hence, YNP hopes that all of us, including YNP staff, conductors, 16 Navigators volunteers, The Stars and families can pull together and work as one for [Dream House for The Hidden Stars].

Apart from [Dream House for The Hidden Stars], YNP is also actively involved in various charitable projects ( and medical aid cases ( Furthermore, we are also expecting to launch Sensory Motor Skills Course in February 2016. The Stars will have more opportunities to explore and experience various areas from time to time.

Even though our staff faces daily challenges, they are still willing to sacrifice their weekends to do the necessary arrangements and preparations to hold classes for The Stars. Besides, we also have to do many preparations and discussions behind the scene with the aim to strive for improvement. To be honest, everyone hopes to spend their weekend with their loved ones and family members, the same applies to YNP staff. Despite that, they still choose to sacrifice their time for [Dream House for The Hidden Stars].

YNP faces financial difficulties as well. Even though we are running out of funds, we still aim to develop Dream House for The Hidden Stars with all our effort. We believe that the improvement and development of The Stars speak for itself. In addition to hiring more conductors and purchasing musical instruments, stationery, etc, YNP is also supporting our conductors to attend various training in order to equip them to be able to benefit your children better. Even if the monthly expenses for [Dream House for The Hidden Stars] is very high, YNP still insists on not charging the parents for Dream House classes. This is not because YNP is very well-off, it is because YNP persists in striving for our goal, which is to provide a free learning platform for children with learning disabilities from impoverished families. Later on many parents from middle and upper classes even requested us to accept their kids for the classes. Considering the benefits of The Stars, YNP accepted them favorably.

“Happy Family Healthy Family Carnival” is an event to raise funds for [Dream House for The Hidden Stars]. We wish that we can be involved in other charitable projects and help people without having to worry about the financial condition of [Dream House for The Hidden Stars]. I will be sad if the “Happy Family Healthy Family Carnival” did not get the support from all of you as this event is organised for the benefits of The Stars and all of you.

Unity is strength! Let’s make it a miracle together and make this a success. Your kind contribution is very much appreciated, be it physically or financially; you can even share with us your skills, knowledge or connections, which will be useful for the event. Once again, we cordially invite you to be part of this meaningful and fun event for the sake of The Stars.

Thank you.
Khor Yuyin
Yayasan Nanyang Press