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Since the establishment of Yayasan Nanyang Press in year 1995, we have been providing financial assistance to more than 1000 cases to ease their financial burden. The appeals from beneficiaries are for a wide range of purposes including medical aid, education fee, living expenses, home refurbishment, etc. Yayasan Nanyang Press is committed to give all funds collected from the public to the beneficiary. Thus, we have been trying our best to minimise the administration cost and do not have surplus resources to expand the Medical Aids team. As the number of beneficiaries continues to increase despite our lack of human resources, we have decided to set up the Yayasan Nanyang Press 【16 Navigators Caring Team】. Volunteers are welcome to join our team and help the needy.

Even though the main concern for most of the cases are related to financial problems, some of them may be facing family problems or other issues as well. For example, we have a patient in Penang who has been having heart problems since she was young. Due to the family’s financial difficulty, she did not undergo any treatment until recently, when her health condition worsened, which led her to seek financial aid from Yayasan Nanyang Press. However, her operation has been delayed for a month due to the closure of the hospital ICU as a result of bacterial infection. Yayasan Nanyang Press only got to know about this when we visited the patient and immediately transferred her to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

Yayasan Nanyang Press hopes to take care of Medical Aid cases as quickly as possible and without delay.

Therefore we wish to set up the 【16 Navigators Caring Team】 around Malaysia so that we can provide assistance to the needy whenever and wherever necessary. To improve the efficiency of our assistance process, Yayasan Nanyang Press is developing an online application system. By introducing this system, applicants can upload all supporting documents such as medical reports and check the status update of their application anytime.

Thus, we need more volunteers to join the Yayasan Nanyang Press 【16 Navigators Caring Team】 with the aim of giving assistance, love and care to society.

南洋报业金自1995成立以来,实践“取之社会,用之社会”的宗旨,为弱势群体伸出援手。至今,我们已经帮助逾200个案,减轻他们的生活之忧。除此之外,我们也有继续帮助逾50个超过三年的个案。这些受惠者的诉求包括医药援助、教育费、生活费、以及修补家园等等。南洋报业基金坚持将所有公众捐款全数交给受惠者,我 们尽量减少行政开销,而且也没有多余资源去扩展【医药援助】计划。由于受惠者越来越多,人力越来越不足,所以才设立南洋报业基金【16导航关怀小组】,希望志工可以踊跃加入。

俗语说:“家家有本难念的经”。每个个案都有不同的家庭问题或生活状况,虽然大部分还是为钱困扰,但也很多时候是钱也无法解决的。曾经遇到这样的情况:有位来自槟城的病者从小就患心脏有孔,可是因为经济困难,所以一直没有好好接受治疗,直到长大后病情恶化,才向南洋报业基金求助。然而,在她要动手术的那天,加护病房却因为细菌感染而暂时关闭,所以她就这样等了一个月都还没动手术。南洋报业基金同时前往探访时才得知消息,立即将她移送到吉隆坡的医院进行手术。如果事情再拖延下去, 后果可能不堪设想。


南洋报业基金【援助】会在各个城市设立“守护天使小组”,准备随时为有需要的人提供咨询和帮助。为更有效率的施援,南洋报业基金建立一个网络资 料数据库,将医药援助申请升级到数码式,方便民众在第一时间申请,同时,我们也可以在第一时间批阅。尤其大多数弱势群体的朋友不多、家庭背景糟糕、学历也不高等等,他们更需要“守护天使小组”的指引,以了解医药援助的申请程序。这个网络申请系统除了储存受惠者的资本资料、单据、医药报告、以及报导等 等,个案的审 查进度也会不时更新,以便申请者可以随时随地追踪。