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Introduction 简介

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Ranau, Sabah on 5 June 2015, which lasted for 30 seconds. The earthquake was the strongest to affect Malaysia since 1976.

After the earthquake happened in June, the water supply and water quality in Ranau, Sabah has been badly affected. Many of the water tanks and pipes that were directing clean water from the mountaintop to the villages in Ranau were damaged. As a result, some of the villagers have to get water from other water sources located within one hour’s walking distance from their village every day. To help the residents at affected areas break away from this predicament, Dr. Muhamad Noorhisyam and his schoolmates have been volunteering to carry out water supply recovery projects for affected villages in Ranau on their own expenses. However, the project was stuck half way due to insufficient funds especially in Kg. Kinasaraban, Kundasang which needed RM40,000.


自地震发生后,兰瑙一带的水供和水源严重受到破坏。 原本用来连接山上水源的输水管和水槽到遭受到破坏,以致当地的村名面对严重的水供问题。一些受影响的村民更是每天得步行至离家数公里外的地方取水。因不忍村民没每天那么劳累,莫哈末诺希山医生与他的一些旧同学即组成一队,四处奔波为村民们凑款并亲手为他们建造新水槽。可是,因为经费不足的关系,建造水槽的工作一度受阻。尤其是位于昆达山的甘邦金拿沙惹班需要4万令吉的建筑费用。