Date 日期: 2015年8月30日 (星期日)
Time 时间: 早上11点至下午4点
Beneficiary 受惠者: Ong Chen Lai 翁进来
Age 年龄: 54歲
Address 地址: Perak

Ong Chen Lai was a formerly tall and muscular fisherman, who was diagnosed with liver cancer last December, and passed away in June this year. His family now faces financial difficulties.

Ong Chen Lai was married to his Indonesian wife, Li Li Hua (36 years old), 18 years ago. They have two daughters and a son. The eldest daughter, Weng Hui Xin (15 years old) is studying in Form 3 and the second daughter, Weng Hui Pei (14 years old) is studying in Form 2. Meanwhile, the youngest son, Weng Quan Wei (12 years old) is in Standard 6.

The children are all high academic achievers, especially Hui Xin, who is top in class. The sisters work at the village coffee shop part-time during the weekends. They also tutor to make some money for buying text books as well as for paying school fees.

The late Ong Chen Lai was a fisherman all his life but did not earn much. During his chemotherapy, he had to bear a large amount of medical expenses, which had become the largest burden at home. During that time, his wife worked as a nanny to help take care of two children, where she earned RM1600 every month. However, the family’s monthly living expenses plus medical expenses came up to more than RM2000.

The family lost financial support ever since Ong Chen Lai passed away. Therefore, they had come to Yayasan Nanyang Press (YNP) to appeal for help. Starting August, YNP will send RM1000 to them, which will subsidise their monthly living expenses.

Their house owner had been attempting to end the lease for various reasons. Fortunately, a kind local person lent a hand after he found out about this. He is willing to let them live in his abandoned fishing shed, but the shed needs to be repaired in order to be made more homely.

As such, Yayasan Nanyang Press has decided to organise “The 12th Visitation of The [16 Navigators II]” on 30th August 2015 (Sunday) for Ong Chen Lai’s family, whereby a number of volunteers will be required to assist in repairing their home. Yayasan Nanyang Press would like to encourage participation from the general public to join this meaningful charitable event. If you are interested to be a volunteer, sponsor or partner of [16 Navigators II], please do not hesitate to contact Yayasan Nanyang Press via phone (03-76508651 / 694 / 675 / 669 / 662) or e-mail ( If you are unable to attend the event, but would still like to support this event, you are welcome to make a financial contribution. Cheques can be made payable to YAYASAN NANYANG PRESS (OCBC 701-120679-6), after which you are requested to fax (03-76508627) or email the bank-in slip to YNP. For more information, please visit our website:








因此,希望各界善心人士加入 南洋报业基金【16导航温馨探访2】活动,有意要成为【16导航2】赞助商、合作伙伴或志愿者的朋友,请致电到南洋报业基金 (03-76508651 / 694 / 675 / 669 / 662), 或电邮至。 若您无法出席【16导航】温馨探访活动,也可以乐捐的方式支持此活动。请将您的善款汇 至 YAYASAN NANYANG PRESS (OCBCI101-108445-4),然后再把汇款和个人资料传真到 03-76508627。欢迎游览南洋报业基金网站


12th Visitation
Beneficiary wife’s Li Li Hua.
12th Visitation
The daughters become nanny and tutor to make some income.
12th Visitation
The abandoned fishing shed was donated by a kind local person.
12th Visitation
The shed is in a dilapidated condition.
12th Visitation
The roof leaks and has holes.
12th Visitation
The walls are crumbling.