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Based on the tenets of the Group’s global CSR strategy, Bottled Hope is Pernod Ricard Malaysia’s 2015 CSR initiative, with a special focus on environmental impact and community development.

The Pernod Ricard Malaysia Bottled Hope initiative gives used glass bottles a meaningful second chance in life, and those in need, a chance at a brighter future, by turning discarded glass bottles into a symbolic torch that casts a light on those in need.

Pernod Ricard Malaysia will launch a glass-recycling initiative that collects and transforms used glass bottles into a renewable source of light: the “Brightbox”.

These boxes, with rechargable LED bulbs, will be given to forgotten communities in need.

The campaign brings light to areas in need – literally and symbolically.

Those in need are given the right kind of public attention. Counterfeits are reduced when used bottles become scarcer.

The element of light also delivers a message of revelation to the public at large as we show them the conditions that some Malaysians are living in so that it will help spur donations or aid to places that need it the most.

Pernod Ricard Malaysia have identified Yayasan Nanyang Press as its NGO partner to help identify and distribute the brightboxes to underprivileged homes, in line with the commitment to community development.


If the public wishes to contribute to help the needy, they can adopt a bottle at RM350 and this bottle will go to Yayasan Nanyang Press or the needy community.

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