Date 日期: 26/04/2015
Time 时间: 9am – 3pm
Beneficiary 受惠者: Tan Say Moy 陈细妹
Age 年龄: 63歲
Address 地址: Perak

A poor family lives in an old cabin in Bercham, Perak Village. The husband – Lin Shu Jia (69 years old) has paraplegia due to high uric acid, which caused him to be permanently bedridden and unable to live independently. The grown-up daughter – Lin Cai Hong (36 years old) is diagnosed as a Down syndrome’s child at birth. The wife and mother, Tan Say Moy (63 years old) has to stay home and take care of her paralysed husband and ill daughter. They only take two meals a day to sustain a difficult life.

Madam Tan’s son (25 years old) encountered an accident a few years ago. He has severe neck pain and is unable to walk. She has spent all of her savings to cure her son, which has increased the family’s economic hardship. The son has been in bed for three years, fortunately he is gradually getting better and more independent. However, he is unable to engage heavy work after the injury. The family has to rely on social help for a living.

Madam Tan never gives in to the hardship. She is thrifty and only receives RM300 from the welfare society and RM150 from her daughter’s disability benefits monthly, to afford two meals a day for food, adult diapers and basic utilities. There is no extra money to spend on other necessities.

Besides, they are living in a 50-year-old house, where some house poles have been eaten by termites. The worn zinc roof leaks when it rains heavily. Due to the low-lying location, rain flows into their home from time to time, causing the back room wall to decay after being soaked by rain for a long time. The shabby toilet is not stable because of termites and other problems, which require a lot of money to fix. Madam Tan had no choice but to find some old boards to nail them up together.

Ever since this case was covered by New Life Post in June 2013, the family had gained concern from the society. Yayasan Nanyang Press funds them with a RM300 monthly support to support their urgent needs. Yayasan Nanyang Press also paid them a visit by gifting them moon cakes and pomelos during the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2013. Ms Khor (Manager of YNP) understands the poor living conditions of the family during the visit. Therefore after a full investigation, Yayasan Nanyang Press decided to repair their home. Madam Tan’s husband has been passed away since few months ago.

As such, Yayasan Nanyang Press has decided to organise “The 10th Visitation of The [16 Navigators II]” on 26th April 2015 (Sunday) for Madam Tan’s family, whereby a number of volunteers will be required to assist in repairing their home. Yayasan Nanyang Press would like to encourage participation from the general public to join this meaningful charitable event. If you are interested to be a volunteer, sponsor or partner of [16 Navigators II], please do not hesitate to contact Yayasan Nanyang Press via phone (03-76508651 / 694 / 675 / 669) or e-mail ( If you are unable to attend the event, but would still like to support this event, you are welcome to make a financial contribution. Cheques can be made payable to YAYASAN NANYANG PRESS (OCBC 701-120679-6), after which you are requested to fax (03-76508627) or email the bank-in slip to YNP.






南洋报业基金【16导航II】即将于2015年4月26日(星期日)启航到怡保为陈细妹一家举办第6场温馨探访,带领合作伙伴、赞助商以及义工队协助修复和美化他們的家园。除此之外,也会进行户外亲子活动与民同乐。在此呼吁各界善心人士支持【16导航II】温馨探访活动,有意要成为【16导航II】赞助商、合作伙伴或志愿者的朋友,请致电到南洋报业基金 (03-76508651 / 694 / 675 / 669 / 662), 或电邮至。 若您无法出席【16导航】温馨探访活动,也可以乐捐的方式支持此活动。请将您的善款汇至 YAYASAN NANYANG PRESS (OCBC I101-108445-4),然后再把汇款和个人资料传真到 03-76508627。欢迎游览南洋报业基金网站 以获知更多详情。

Beneficiary’s Living Conditions 申请者居家状况

5th Visitation
House corner rotten by rain.
5th Visitation
Poor kitchen.
5th Visitation
Simple bedroom.
5th Visitation
Dilapidated wooden wall appearance.
5th Visitation
Unstable toilet.
5th Visitation
From left: Lin Shu Jia (husband), Lin Cai Hong (daughter) and Madam Tan Say Moy.