Date 日期: 29/03/2015
Time 时间: 9am – 3pm
Beneficiary 受惠者: John Bosco A/L Edward Fernandaz
Age 年龄: 49歲
Address 地址: Kuala Lumpur

49-year-old John Bosco had his first asthma attack this year. He fell to the ground when the incident happened, and his heartbeat stopped when he was being treated at the hospital; fortunately he survived with a strong will. However, John’s health situation has worsened since then, which has prevented him from working. Not too long after that, he suffered another asthma attack at home. He was in a coma for several hours, and came out of it after a constant flow of oxygen was administered by his doctor.

His doctors said he is at risk of suffering more asthma attacks, and will lose his life if the disease is not medically treated in time. But his disabled wife and 13-year-old daughter are the only concerns to him now.

In 2010, John’s wife injured her tailbone when they encountered an accident and fell from their motorcycle. After her surgery, she could never walk as before but can only walk slowly and even needs a ureter when going to the toilet. Therefore, she is mostly confined at home to recuperate.

John worked as a security guard with a monthly salary of RM 1400 to support his family. Since his asthma attacks, the security company dismissed him for being unfit to work. Not only do he and his family encounter financial hardship, they also face a fatal recurrence of his asthma attacks.

His family of three currently lives in an ancestral house of less than 500 feet, which has suffered long years of disrepair with many crowded debris, causing bad air circulation inside the house. The kitchen, sofa, toilet doors and windows are worn and damaged. As they cannot afford a carpet, the floor is covered with banners or cloth.

Whenever the weather is too hot or cold or smoky, John will suffer from shortness of breath due to their poor living conditions. He and his wife are unable to organise the house because of mobility problems. John can only rely on his wife and daughter’s usual basic cleaning routine to maintain their health.

At the moment, they spend RM100 on monthly management and utilities fees, RM100 on transportation fare, RM500 for living expenses, RM100 for the daughter’s pocket money and RM200 on medical expenses, which gives a total cost of RM1,000 per month. This is such a burden for them. John has spent all his life savings to support his family, and seeks Yayasan Nanyang Press’ help, hoping to appeal for public donations to resolve their current plight.

As such, Yayasan Nanyang Press has decided to organise “The 9th Visitation of The [16 Navigators ii]” on 29th March 2015 (Sunday) for John’s family, whereby a number of volunteers will be required to assist in repairing their home.

Yayasan Nanyang Press would like to encourage participation from the general public to join the [16 Navigators Visitation] as it is a meaningful charitable event. If you are interested to be a volunteer, sponsor or partner of [16 Navigators], please do not hesitate to contact Yayasan Nanyang Press via phone (03-76508651 / 694 / 675 / 669) or e-mail ( If you are unable to attend the event, but would still like to support this event, you are welcome to make a financial contribution. Cheques can be made payable to YAYASAN NANYANG PRESS (OCBC 701-120679-6), after which you are requested to fax (03-76508627) or email the bank-in slip to YNP.

49岁的 John Bosco 于今年首次哮喘病发,当时的他气喘倒地,送院抢救时心跳曾一度停止,最终凭坚强意志生存下来,但此后身体健康情况已经一落千丈,也不能工作,更不幸的是于本月16日他再次在家病发,这次送院后,他曾昏迷数小时,最后在医生不断地灌输氧气下而幸存下来。



John Bosco 在病发前是一名保安人员,每月薪金1400令吉,刚好可以支撑一家3口的开销,但自他病发,保安公司以他不适合该工作为由将他辞退,让他们一家陷入经济困境,同时也面对病魔的死亡挑战。


由於居住環境不佳,因此一旦遇上天气过冷或过热,或是烟雾来袭时,John Bosco 都会呼吸不顺,但由于他和妻子都行动不便,因此无法大事整理屋子,仅是靠妻子及女儿平时打扫来维持卫生。

目前,他们每月需付上100令吉的管理费及水电费、100令吉的车费、500令吉的生活费、女儿零用钱100令吉及200令吉的医药费,这笔每月共1000令吉的开销, 已成了他们的梦魇,他为了维持生活已经花光储蓄,在没有办法之下,才前来向《南洋报业基金》求助,希望能呼吁公众捐款,解决他们目前生活困境。


因此,希望各界善心人士加入 南洋报业基金【16导航温馨探访2】活动,有意要成为【16导航2】赞助商、合作伙伴或志愿者的朋友,请致电到南洋报业基金 (03-76508651 / 694 / 675 / 669 / 662), 或电邮至。 若您无法出席【16导航】温馨探访活动,也可以乐捐的方式支持此活动。请将您的善款汇 至 YAYASAN NANYANG PRESS,然后再把汇款和个人资料传真到 03-76508627。欢迎游览南洋报业基金网站

Beneficiary’s Living Conditions 受惠者住家情况

5th Visitation
Due to a hole in the kitchen wall, a paper skin barrier is made to prevent rats from entering.
5th Visitation
Construction equipment and kitchen utensils are full of dirt and very unsanitary.
5th Visitation
Toilet door is moldy and has started to decay due to long years of disrepair.
5th Visitation
Toilet walls and water pipes are covered with moss, with paint peeling off the walls.
5th Visitation
Three people sleep in this cluttered and shabby little room, while the worn mattress is of substandard use.
John Bosco一家3人就一同睡在这间杂乱破旧的小房间,床褥也已是残旧得不合使用。
5th Visitation
Narrow living room filled with debris prevents mobility.