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Date 日期: 18th – 19th October 2014 (2 days 1 night)
Venue and accomodation 地点与住宿: Adeline’s Villa, Gopeng
Number of Participants 出席人数: 116

• Transportation (departing from Nanyang Siang Pau building), accommodation and food provided.
• Participation is only opened to Yayasan Nanyang Press 16 Navigators’ volunteers.



The 16 Navigators Team-Building Camp is organised for volunteers and partners of the [16 Navigators Monthly Visitation]. This is a gesture of our appreciation towards their continuous contribution and support. The team-building is based on optimising mind power using radiant thinking through fun-filled indoor and outdoor activities. Individual team members will learn to work together as a team, apply the virtues into their daily lives practically and focus on achieving their shared goals.

Program Benefits

The following qualities will be instilled in the participants:

  • Time management
  • Leadership qualities
  • Team work
  • Build self confidence
  • Stretching your limits
  • Effective collaboration
  • Problem solving skills with the understanding of the 16 virtues of 16 Navigators (Humility, Patience, Contentment, Delight, Kindness, Honesty, Generosity, Thoughtful Speech, Respect, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Loyalty, Aspiration, Principles, Service, Courage).


  1. Get to know each other and thus strengthen bonds and relationships.
  2. Attitude and teamwork development.
  3. Build trust amongst volunteers.
  4. Build high performance teams.
  5. Discover the importance of communicating ideas for charitable activities in the future.
  6. To explain and promote the understanding of the 16 virtues of 16 Navigators.


为回馈义工朋友和赞助商们一路以来对16导航温馨探访的支持与协助,南洋报业基金特地为大家安排一个为期2天1夜的美德之旅,并希望能通过此次旅行拉近彼此 的距离,让来自各行各业的义工和赞助商们互相有更深入的了解,一边在往后的日子更加的合作愉快,为社会不幸人士服务时更得心应手。


  • 调整出席者们的时间管理技巧
  • 发掘领导能力
  • 提升合作精神
  • 建立自信心
  • 超绝本能,挑战极限
  • 提升解决问题的能力


  1. 破冰环节
  2. 团队合作发展
  3. 挑战极限,勉励团队成员之间互相激励
  4. 交流环节